Decorative top-coat finishing for interiors, with “washed out” effect and soft metallic patterns

Animamundi re-interprets innovatively the idea of “washed-out Concrete”, presenting a product with both a soft pearl-opaque look and a strong textured-feel effect.Decoration of luxury inter, in line with the most modern and ground-breaking trends of “concreteness” in architecture.

Animamundi can fulfil the widest demands for interior finishes, ensuring both textured-like feels and prestigious effects with its soft metallic shades.

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Animamundi and other high-end architectural coatings and interior paint effects by Novacolor are preferred by renowned decorators, interior designers, architectural and design studios worldwide.

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Animamundi per Esterni is an acrylic siloxane highly water repellent decorative coating with excellent permeability to steam. The anti-algae formulation helps to protect the finishing from mould and algae.

Animamundi per Esterni innovatively re-interprets the idea of “leached concrete”, on one hand presenting a product with a soft pearl-opaque look and, on the other hand, a strong textured effect.

Download the brochures and discover a wide range of colours and finishes in the Animamundi per Esterni range for inspiration on your project.

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